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We’re simply the best in the game.

From matchmaking our clients with hand-picked events to the full-service end-to-end booking and planning process, we take care of everything for you at the highest level. It is not only our 100% commitment but our absolute standard to provide the best-in-class experience for our clients. They deserve it… and so do you.

We believe that an extraordinary life is made up of extraordinary experiences.

Living your life is up to you. Leave the experiences up to us.

How We Work

In order to provide this level of service, we partner with world-renowned brands, vendors
and industry experts to craft and curate every experience from start to finish.

Step 1: Choose your experience

You select the experience you want to go to and we will secure
your access even before they go to the public market.

Step 2: Receive your play-by-play itinerary

You’ll receive the best tips and tricks to having the best possible experience at your chosen event because we’ve been there, done that and we know things that most of the public don’t. No need to worry about what hotel to stay in, where the entrance is, what to pack, how to get there, or what time to go. It’ll all be planned out for you in advance.

Step 3: Enjoy your experience

You only have two jobs when working with us: 1) choose your experience and 2) enjoy your
experience to the fullest. And of course, if you have any questions, you’ll have full access to
our team at any time.

Experiences Curated
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Years of Expertise

Hi, I’m Marisa Wong

And I’m a passionate curator of experiences who’s on a mission to inspire 1M+ lives. We came to this world to play and somewhere along the lines, we forgot that. I’m here to remind you to have fun, make memories and live your most extraordinary life!

I do this by traveling 48 weeks out of the year fully immersed in discovering events and experiences so I can turn them into magical moments my clients will never forget. At the end of the day, I have my family to thank for everything. Our love and bond over sports are what inspired me to create MW Experiences because we ALL deserve to have extraordinary experiences with our loved ones.

We are a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) certified organization. We stand behind all women and individuals who aspire to accomplish their dreams.


My Story

I grew up in a family of sports enthusiasts.

It was the pillar that brought us together. All of our quality time took place at basketball, on the golf course, baseball and hockey games. Even before we could talk, we had a golf club in our hands!

I’d watch The Masters with my parents every single year. They always dreamed of going, but unfortunately, it was a lottery system, so it was always hard to get access to tickets.

2005 - 2006

I found my calling early.

My journey started in my third year in university. I was managing our varsity team games and partnerships and was the in-game host announcer. I loved going around the stadium, gifting partnership packages to our loyal fans. Knowing that I had the power to make a difference in someone’s game experience fuelled me. At the end of summer (one year before graduating), I connected with the manager of sponsorships at Rogers Communications. He managed sponsorships such as Rogers Cup (today, known as National Bank Open). It was a fairly new team and I told him I was interested in working for him. He said he would keep me in mind for the following year. I knew deep in my heart it was my calling.


2007 - 2010

Working at my dream job… or was it?

After a hiring freeze and lots of patience, I became an intern on the team. From there, I grew into the role of Manager, VIP Experiences — executing hundreds of small to large-scale events across Canada every year. I was curating the best opportunities for sponsorships, packaging it up, and turning it into a great experience for our clients. I dedicated every minute to my job because I loved it.

Things were great.

But there was something eating at me. A question I couldn’t let go of and couldn’t answer… “why were these events only available to people who worked in corporate? Why can’t we make them for ourselves and our families? My mom and dad would love to go to The Masters.”


I received life-changing advice.

One day, during our weekly one-on-one meeting, my director asked me, “Marisa, why are you doing this for us when you can do it for yourself?” At first, it caught me by surprise because I really thought I had been working my dream job. I was doing all these events a cross Canada. Who wouldn’t want this job?

Again, he said, “Why do this for us when you can do this for yourself. You can build your own agency.”

It was the best advice I ever got. It planted the seed and made me think of the big picture. It took time to muster up the courage to do something on my own and believe that something was possible outside of the corporate walls.


2011 - 2016

I spread my wings.

The organization gave me a sabbatical where I got to travel the world and see the global stage. During this time, I realized that I had a passion for global events and seeing the world on a big scale. My gut was telling me it was time to play bigger.

I knew I wanted to start a business. But now, it was going to be so much more than a Canadian company — it was going to be international. I wanted to service clients all around the world regardless of where they were because, at the end of the day, we’re all human. We all want to play and have extraordinary experiences.


MWE was born.

When I decided to leave my job and start a business, I had already established a great reputation. We had huge clients lining up before we even incorporated MWE. It gave me the confidence to say, “Okay, I am clearly good at what I do. It’s time to press go.”

But starting a business is hard and people will doubt you. Even your own friends and family. Instead of letting the comments like, “How are you going to make money off of experiences?! You’re being silly — you need to go back to working for someone else. You’re a woman. Starting a business is hard, especially by yourself.” I turned that into fuel. I was going to prove them wrong.

Now, we’re a growing global business offering life-changing shared cultural moments at the Super Bowl, The Masters, F1 races, Wimbledon, and more. We look forward to helping you live your most extraordinary life!

Hi Im Marisa-2

My Mission

MW Experiences is a global company and has worked with top brands like Samsung, Telus, Michelob Ultra, Budweiser, MindValley, F45 and so much more. We have a dream team of hand-picked experts in their field and are creating extraordinary experiences for our clients.

At the end of the day, we came to this world to play and have fun. When we leave, we can’t take anything with us except for our memories and the magical moments we created. So why not make the most of it?

That’s why my mission is to support people like you in living out their most extraordinary lives and MW Experiences is the first-class vehicle to do just that.

Are you ready to live out your most extraordinary life?


Giving Back

MW Experiences has grown, in part, because of the power of community. Our clients have always become our advocates and we’ve been welcomed in a number of communities — large and small — across the world. We strongly believe that life is cyclical in nature and what goes around comes around. It’s why we invest back into the community.

We know that our youth are literally the future of humanity at large and so we start there through the power of sport. Sport has the power to connect families, friends, and others in the community. Sports also provide people the ability to develop character, team building, and overcoming obstacles. Sports can lead to so many other things like travel and cultural awareness.

That’s why we support Jamaal Magloire Foundation. They improve the lives of underserved youth by helping them to obtain and nurture academic and social skills through the arts, sports, and community. A 13-year NBA veteran turned community builder is a great fit with our values.

We will continue to build relationships with JMF and other organizations that are focused on development through sport, wellness, and mindfulness.


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