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to events and experiences happening around the world each month as soon as tickets become available.
Including experiences that are sold out or not yet on the market, we will get you the access.

You know how difficult
yet critical it is to stand out
in today’s marketplace…

Which is why you do everything you can to create an exceptional experience for your clients and team members.

But you are also very busy and don’t want to spend the time and energy researching, planning and organizing things.

You would love to have it all handled by someone you can rely on and trust, knowing that everything is being taken care of for you at the highest level.

You're in the right place. Keep scrolling.

HI, I'M Marisa Wong

MW Experiences Founder

Our mission is to enhance the culture of companies and enrich the lives of people all over the world through exceptional, exclusive and unforgettable experiences that are curated and delivered via my company, MW Experiences.

We are Experience Consultants and Curators. We partner with world-class sporting and wellness experiences, brands, and vendors to give our clients guaranteed access to the most exclusive events out there… and we do it with style.

Our clients always get the fully customized, white-glove, concierge experience. That’s just how we roll.

We don’t just hand you an itinerary (although we certainly can if that’s your cup of joe).

We fully immerse ourselves in the end-to-end planning and down to the finest details so that it is entirely personalized and everyone in your group feels special — because they are.

We came into this world to have fun. To play. To adventure. To experience. To LIVE an extraordinary life.

We’ve got you.



It was a surreal experience!

- Chandler

Phone Experts

Marisa is the first person I call when we need help and support. I was particularly impressed with the engagement and creativity MW brought to our discussions. They listened, provided solid feedback, and participated actively in the design of each project. MW was able to bring new ideas and methods to help build programs to address our overall goals. They definitely bring the “wow” factor into effect. Marisa and her team made everyone feel like a VIP so much so that she built friendships and relationships to be enjoyed for years to come

- Christopher Shannon

Samsung Electronics Canada

Last Christmas, I had the chance to join Marisa and a group of fellow heart-centered entrepreneurs for a retreat at the stunning Nest Resort in Costa Rica. Initially, I hesitated due to the timing coinciding with Christmas and my desire to be with family. However, a solution naturally emerged – I decided to bring my family along with me! The retreat turned out to be a profoundly transformative experience. Among the many insights gained, one major “aha” moment was the power of embracing opportunities and experiences that truly resonate. I remain deeply thankful to Marisa for orchestrating this incredible journey. It laid the groundwork for numerous other positive manifestations in my future.

- Yuri Minski

Mindvalley Life & Health Coach

We hired Marisa and her team to organize our annual sales trip to New York City and it was top-shelf. We normally would do this in-house but we entrusted the experts at MWE.
We had a group of us who wanted something fun, unique, and all planned out for us. Boy was the experience full of fun and perfect for our team. The access we got was key! We still talk about the memories and share them with everyone who listens! If you’re thinking about hiring a team to run your experiences, look no further, MWE is your team.

- Greg Purdy

Smart Cell, Telus

This event was over the top. Marisa with MWE did an excellent job of keeping everyone organized and on top of the activities. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire trip!

- Neil

Pacific CoastCom

Marisa and her team were awesome! They interacted with the group throughout the whole trip which made a huge difference in the whole experience. We were able to easily ask questions, they communicated issues, and provided safety for the groups when we went out of the resort. Would recommend it for future trips!

- Glentel Wireless Wave Manager

This was an amazing experience! The organization of everything was fantastic. The girls from MWE did an amazing job. Couldn’t have asked for any better!!!! Just wonderful, an experience I will never forget!!!

- Candace

Maximum Mobility

MW Experiences is one of a kind. The personalized nature of the experiences makes this the ultimate getaway. Left me in a better mental health space,  more energized and connected with like-minded, inspiring, and friendly people.

- Jordan Hale

This was a very timely event for a group of people that really needed a few days away with like-minded people. These events are not only a great experience but the relationships and introductions within the industry are the most important element. Much appreciated. Thank you!

- Peter


Top-notch event agency. MWE ensures every aspect is covered and that every attendee is looked after. Highly recommend their services. A+++

- Salim Danishwar

Thank you all so much for putting together such an incredible trip! You are all so amazing and I really appreciate all of the hard work. 🙂

- Ellen

Phone Experts

Thank you again for an amazing experience… MWE is First Class!!

- Steve Hawkins

President & CEO

Thank you for organizing a very special weekend for us! We will always remember it.

- Anthony Finocchiaro

Managing Director The Weir Group

MW Experiences with Marisa and her team were exceptional. Loved the trip and can not wait for what is coming. Thank you!

- Doug

D2 Technologies

Everything was excellent! Great job to everyone who organized the event you all did amazing!

- Sabrina


Wherever did you find Marisa, Ali and Matt!? Those beauties were absolute gems and worked so hard at providing an incredible experience.


Telus Dealer Principal

First-rate service.  The entire team is dedicated to ensuring your needs are met, and that the experience is incredible, unique, and tailored to you or your company’s needs.  Highly recommended!!!

- James

It has been a pleasure working with this agency — creative, innovative, and a pleasure to work with. They have created programs that were the ultimate experiences leaving my customers with lasting memories of a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

- Angela Fitzpatrick

MWE crews were the best and they made sure everyone was safe and having fun which connected all of us better. They would make me wanna win the trip again. Hopefully a longer trip next time!

- Glentel Sales Manager

Well-organized, friendly, and welcoming. Made my stay in Bali perfect.👌🏻

- Vetle Gjevestad Agledahl

MW Experiences has a thoughtful inclusive team that helped make us feel at home in Bali!

- Meredith Bosc

Marisa and her team are amazing. First class events you will never forget.

- James Kantor

This event was so amazing, it was beyond my expectations! Marisa and her team are so much fun!

- Telus Dealer Principal

I’ve had multiple experiences that were a ton of fun with MW Experiences!  Would absolutely recommend it!

- Tom Depietro

You guys outdid yourselves again! Didn’t think it was possible. Love those surprise experiences!

- John D

Thanks so much for getting that ticket for me at the last minute … and for the Tour!

- Steven

Loved every minute of it, and it was exceptionally well organized! Thank you.

- Leslie

Telus Dealer Principal

Truly an amazing opportunity and a one-of-a-kind experience!

- Neil Hudak

Custom Cellular

Good matches and amazing days!! I will come back for sure!!!

- Manon

The trip was simply spectacular.

- Angelo Perizzolo

Great trip! Best organized one we have been on.

- Al

4L Communications

It was a surreal experience!

- Chandler

Phone Experts